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Memorial created 03-22-2009 by
Robin Hudson
Tyler Hudson
January 22 1990 - March 29 2008

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03-28-2017 6:20 PM -- By: Mom,  From: Home  


I can't believe that tomorrow it will have been half your life since I have been with you!!  My heart feels so broken!!  I so long to hear your voice and to feel your big bear hugs!!  I miss you will every breath I take and every tear I shed!!

I love you around the whole entire universe and back again always and forever!!!


01-23-2017 12:04 AM -- By: Mom,  From: Home  

 This has been a full day all about you...I made your cupcakes, I went and put out fresh flowers, now I am still sitting here waiting to hear your voice, see your smile and get my bear hug!!!  I can't believe it has almost been 9 years without you...my heart is so broken...I miss you so much!! 

I love you around the whole entire universe and back again always and forever!!!!


07-30-2016 10:01 PM -- By: Mom,  From: Home  


There is never a day that you are not on my mind...I know there are things in life that just can't be explained....I will always miss you!!!  You are my one and only!!

Love you around the whole entire universe and back again always and forever!!  mom

05-19-2016 1:25 AM -- By: Michelle Blank ,  From: OKC, OK  

My thoughts and prayers are never far from you. I think of you almost every day. I miss the closeness we had as friends. I hope we can get that back one day, SOON! I offer hugs to you that you don't feel, but they're there, just for you. I have now taken on the belief that seeing a cardinal is someone from heaven is visiting. We've seen many cardinals in our yards since moving here. Hugs and prayers to you, Robin. May you see Cardinal Tyler many times this year and years to come. I love you, my sweet friend!

11-17-2015 8:45 PM -- By: Shannon Paynter,  From: Tulsa, OK  

I am sorry for your loss...Thank you for introducing me to your son on this page.  I, too, am a mother of an only son.  I shared many of your feelings, while reading the sweet things you posted.

You and your family are in my heart.

God Bless.

06-26-2015 6:29 PM -- By: Heather,  From: Washington  

I am really sorry that you lost Tyler Hudson. Love Heather

06-09-2015 2:49 PM -- By: Brian Ray,  From: Trussville, Alabama  

I stumbled across this memorial by accident and I can't tell you how much Tyler's story has touched my heart. I can only imagine how difficult this has been for you and my heart goes out to you both.

I've never lost a son and I have 2 boys both right around Tyler's age. Both are older and away at school and work, I miss them everyday, so I can't begin to understand the depth that you miss Tyler. I didn't even know Tyler, but after reading all about him and his life, I somehow feel that now I do....I miss him too.

I'm sure he's in heaven and watching over you both. God Bless you, Brian

04-03-2015 12:54 AM -- By: kathy m,  From: NY  

Nothing anyone can say can take away the pain. Sincere condolences on your loss--he was a shining star gone too soon. At least he's at peace now.

03-29-2015 4:51 PM -- By: mom,  From: Home  

Can't believe that it has been 7 years since I saw your beautiful face or heard your voice.  At times it still just does not seem real to me, it is as if you will come walking in front door.  Today you gave me a beautiful sign and had one of our butterflies hatch! It is so amazing to watch them and then to be able to release them.  It gives me something to be able to do to help pass the time...I miss you more than you will ever know...with every breath that I take it is a reminder that you are no longer here with me! 

You will always be my sonshine my only sonshine!  I will love you around the whole entire universe and back again always and forever of every second of every day! 


03-26-2015 9:00 PM -- By: Crystal,  From: Tulsa  

 I saw your memorial to Ty on your car driving home from work tonight, took a pic and posted it on FB. I thought it was so sweet, and wondered who Tyler was, what his favorite things were, who you were, etc. Someone found this page and posted it for me. Reading about Ty, he and I have a lot in common. I would have loved to have known him. My thoughts and prayers are with you. RIP Ty. 

09-15-2014 8:56 PM -- By: Tina Rozema,  From:  

He will not be forgotten, such a beautiful child, my heart aches for you.

09-07-2014 5:56 PM -- By: Red,  From: Tulsa  

 I am a photo volunteer for Findagrave.  Today I photographed your marker at Memorial Park Cemetery in Tulsa and posted the image and page to the website.  I found this memorial page while trying to search for more information about your life.  My heart goes out to you and your family.  May God Bless and keep you safe.

08-14-2014 12:21 AM -- By: Max,  From:  

I'm your cousin.  My friend took his life July 22...  It's tough,now that I'm old enough to understand.  I wish I had a memory with you, but I dont.  Miss you and wish I had gotten to know you better. Much love.

07-27-2014 11:08 AM -- By: Patrick,  From: Australia  

06-24-2014 7:09 PM -- By: Nena,  From: Tulsa, ok  

I am the mother of four children. My imagination cannot even go to the place you are. I am so very sorry. I am beginning a novena for you and for Tyler.

God Bless you,

Nena Muehlberg

06-18-2014 3:38 PM -- By: Barbara McKee,  From: Ala  

I didn't know you had a memorial for Tyler. It is great. Bless you all

05-24-2014 11:44 PM -- By: Mary,  From: Canada  

04-24-2014 2:51 AM -- By: Natalie Lynn ,  From: South Dakota  

You are loved so much, my hope would be to be loved as you were.

03-30-2014 4:41 PM -- By: rino,  From: the netherlands  

 Dear mom

I have been here ajd visited tyler's memorial. It is sad he's gone. A nightmare for you, as staying  was no option for him that time he left.

Some reach out, some do not, but even when they reach out  they are not will stay. Depression is a nasty thing 

Try to find some hapiness for the rest of your time left  till meeting time.. 

03-28-2014 11:33 AM -- By: dJ,  From: Tennessee  

Remembering the Hudson Family as this weekend comes rolls around, once again - in 2014. I hope some PEACE will prevail in your heart, Mom.

03-09-2014 12:48 PM -- By: Linda Lafferty,  From: King City, CA  

 Dear Robin,

The timing of Tyler's death and that of Mark's, has caused me to want to "Pay it Forward" to you. Please read on and don't think I am a nut. If you are where I was, maybe I can help.

Something wonderful happened to me just a little over a month ago that changed my life for the better. I had totally given up listening to any music. I tuned my car radio to talk radio for almost six years. I was becoming more and more depressed, what with the problems we have here politically and all. Then, one day, as I was driving to work, I decided to try listening to music again. Lo' and behold, I listened and didn't cry. One thing led to another and, in a matter of days, my life started to change.

I remembered a song called "Dimming of the Day" that I used to love. I went to YouTube and clicked on a version of it by a man named James Kerr. He plays it using a Dobro. Well, I liked it so much, I bought a Dobro and am trying to learn to play it..trying is the operative. lol I can't find anyone that teaches it. I commented to Mr. Kerr how much I enjoyed his version. That was in January. We have emailed back and forth daily since that day. He sent me a song called "Love and Happiness" by Emmylou Harris. That song along with some others he does changed my life. Please pull up these songs and listen and see if they don't affect you. If not, find some that do!

I was so depressed for so long. I was so mad at my son for doing to himself what he did that my life had no meaning. About a month ago, I was able to forgive Mark.

Wow, my whole life has changed! Take a look at my Facebook. Yesterday, I went from walking, sadly, in an Out of the Darkness Walk to ...literally dancing, acoss the finish line at a Run or Dye Race in Monterey! I'm nearly 67 years old! I haven't danced in years, but I do now, and I'm not stopping!

If I could only have one wish, Darlin' it would be this..Love and Happiness  to you Robin!


03-01-2014 11:37 PM -- By: Heather,  From: Washington  

 Dear Robin

I am really sorry that you lost Tyler Hudson.

Love Heather

02-25-2014 1:09 PM -- By: Mike McGee,  From: Fort Worth, Tx  

Robin I am so sorry for your loss.  It is obvious that your Tyler was the center of many lives  ...family, friends, co-workers, and the world at large to whom he could have brought smiles and laughter to audiences during these times when we all need a relief from the times of today.  The entertainer who may have been on stages large and small.  I am sure he would agree with - "SMILE - your friends will return it, and it Will confuse the devil out of those who are not."

Robin I am a friend of the Logan family - Susan, Tam, Suzy, and Danial.  I wrote the following and placed it on David's memorial page.  I looked for your son's site and found it.  I am re-posting it here for You to read and hopefully help you get through another day, to hopefully remember what Tyler would want for you.


I just read the piece, the commentary, the mother's cry, the parent's Voice of unending pain of losing a child that Robin Hudson so beaitifully wrote. 'Words' are such a limiting form of trying to express the inter-feelings that become so seering for a left behind parent, as seering as a red hot poker of steel that never cools. Robin's description of having to live each moment, each minute, each day, week, month, year Suddenly without her child is beyond what words can express. Her purpose was to 'try' to help others 'understand' WHY she is not, can not Ever be the same person she was the day Before her loss of her child.

Sadly, but greatfully, she has partially achieved that objective - yet in only a small way can she Ever make a person who has not lost a child fully understand. Hopefully 'Full understanding' for those of us who have not lost a child will Never occur - because only That level of understanding can come from another loss, another parent suffering through the same thing that Robin has experienced, what Susan has experienced, what Every father has experienced.

The Only comment/suggest that I can make with certainity is: While you remain in pain, while you live it every day - ask yourself ...with deep honesty - "Would your child look down upon you and not be upset, sad, and hurt that you are 'suffering' through life because he/she is no longer With you? They would want only good things and Love For You. They would Want you to go forward and share the love that you have for them With THOSE who remain phyically with you! They would want you to NOT to take even one moment away, one moment of love away from their brothers, their sisters, their father/mother who are Still with you! Your loving child is now in Heaven, totally in Peace, a place beyond description in which LOVE 'is' the core of his/her being. They Are still with you every day, in the memories that you have, the trees with the breeze blowing through them, the birds of every color, the sunrises of morning, the sunsets of evening - all those things that you once Shared with them while their were here on earth. They are here with you in the music that you once enjoyed so much Robin, the music that you once share with your child, as she/he once loved to smile with you about the smallest thing or the biggest surprise - Your Child now above wants those same things for you - still. The one sadness he/she may experience from above may be that you are still hurting to degree that you are, that you can no longer smile at the things that the two of you once did, that You Robin can no longer enjoy the music that you once did, that you both loved.

I guess I can say no more, suggest no more. I have not experienced your pain of losing a child, and like every parent, I do not want to have to experience what you have and are, what Susan has and is. But, I know 'some' of pain of loss, of family members no longer with me - I am the only one remaining except for my wife and children, grandchildren. I lost my sister - my sole mate in life 3 years ago; Susan and family knows that history. But the reason that I know with such conviction that the chldren of each of you Are still with you, Are looking down and over you, that they would only want happiness for you - is that the few hours before my sister's passing - SHE was talking to God and to those loved ones who had passed before her. It was obvious She was having converations with them during those few hours before, she had been in a coma for the previous two days. She was Smiling and without the pain of cancer during those 2 -3 hours, When she passed, she raised up partially in the bed and had the biggest, most peaceful smile that one can imagine. ...Knowing that She had moved on to such a wonderful place, and Knowing that I wanted with all my heart that some day that 'I" wanted to be Able, be Allowed to join her - is really the only reason I myself am still here. My pain was I am sure 'nearly' as great as yours in many way - But, NEVER as great as a parents must be!

So PLEASE remember that your loved one would Not want you to forever suffer for their no longer being on earth with you. They sincerely would want you to be smiling each day and enjoying those same things that you once enjoyed and shared with them. If nothing else that I have said means anything - Please remember THAT and take each moment of each day with as great a sprirt as your loved would wish for you to do.


P.S. - Susan, this is written for both You and family, and for Robin, and every other parent out there. Please forward this to Robin. ..Mike


Robin the next time you visit David's site please take a moment and read other items that I have written to Susan and family.

I lost my sister March 15, 2010.  We were full blood brother and sister, yet I never met her until I was 17 and she almost 16.  I was 14 months older than her.  She was adopted out when she was 2 months old.  As a result of this, we developed a special bond, the level of which many brothers and sister never reach.  We were each other's shaddow in so many ways, we each were raised in 180 degree different types of households which could not have been any different from each others' - yet we thought alike, acted alike, could finish each other's thoughts and sentences - kinda like an old married couple  ...which many people thought we were.  :)  I could go on, but let it be said - from that point on from our first meeting, we were each other's sole mate.  We lost her to panceatic cancer.  I almost lost it both before and after her passing.  So to a large degree I understand your pain and continued sense of loss of a part of yourself - although a Mother's has to be even more so, but as painful as my pain was and is, I do not know if I could survive even one bit more than I have  ...that of losing a child.

Just try to remember and Know that Tyler would Not want you to forever suffer the sufficating pain that you have been.  "He" would truly want you to be able to smile again, live again, and if necessary - cry again  ..but only for a little while.  He would want the same things that YOU would wish for him if you had passed before him - to go forward and live as full a life as you can, to have Future goals, to reach those goals, to Smile Again....


btw - my email is *personal emails or phone numbers cannot post* if you would ever like to talk.


02-18-2014 11:29 PM -- By: Christine, Luke's Mom,  From: Arizona  

Thinking of you Tyler. Please give Luke a hug for me.

Christine, Luke's Mom 1979 - 2001 ~ May the force be with you..... christineross01@msn.com ~ LucasChristopherRoss.net

01-23-2014 12:01 AM -- By: mom,  From: Home  

It is so hard for me to believe that this is your 6th birthday away from me.  There is not a second in the day that you do not cross my mind.  I miss you more every day...I never thought that would be possible.  Life without you is not much of a life...it feels like time is standing still and everything around me just goes on...I wish I could hear your voice and feel you give me a big bear hug!!   I love you around the whole entire universe and back again...always and forever!!

Not sure what is up with the time stamp on here but it is 1/22/14 at 9:49 pm CST

10-11-2013 12:02 AM -- By: crystal,  From: Ohio  

 God bless you

05-04-2013 7:55 PM -- By: Michael's Mom,  From:  

Tyler, fly high with the angel's.

03-29-2013 5:41 PM -- By: Michael's Mom,  From:  

We do not understand why things happen as they do. But I am very sure of one thing. Our Lord will see your mom through. I know her heart is broken and it will never mend until God joins you both back together again.

There is nothing more stronger than the bond between a mother and her precious son. Tyler watch over your mom.

03-29-2013 12:40 PM -- By: Mom,  From: Home  

 My life stopped...time passes me by...the day you died time stood still!!

I still am there that day...the day my life turned upside down...I miss you so very much!!

Love you around the entire universe and back again always and forever!!


03-26-2013 3:27 PM -- By: Michael's Mom,  From: Alabama  

Tyler, God blessed you with beautiful smile. And he blessed your mom and dad with a precious child.


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