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Memorial created 03-22-2009 by
Robin Hudson
Tyler Hudson
January 22 1990 - March 29 2008

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01-11-2012 8:29 PM -- By: Alan,  From: Left behind  


You must have a laptop or 15" monitor......lol. I have moved the angels over some so that they don't get into the way of the boxes.

I'll contact you through email.......

With only memories left of our sons.......

01-09-2012 10:26 PM -- By: Denise,  From: NY  

Dear Robin,

As I look at the picture of your handsome son, I feel your pain.  All I can do is send love your way - from me to you.

Thinking of you.......Denise

01-07-2012 12:05 PM -- By: Alan,  From: Left behind  


Thanks for stopping by and writing your comment.

I continue to add, delete, and change animations and photos on Crawford's website. I am furthering my skills and challenging myself every week. I do not want to lose what I have taught myself. When I write a new code; I go through his pages and put the animations or photo with the new code. It changes the out look of the page and sometimes I have to re-do a portion of the page its self.

The problem is.....I tend to add "too" much to the pages and then it's hard for those without computers with good processors or memory to upload his pages. Kinda defeats the purpose of having his memorial site, huh? I delete the old stuff so that this will not occur; but, then I write a code that I like and fill the pages back up.....ouch.

I have read your comments to Tyler that you have placed in his guestbook. The grief and pain that we share is never ending. No matter how they died....we all feel guilty as any parent does.......for we were their parents......their teacher.....their protectors. "We should have seen this"....."Why didn't we react sooner?".....etc. I have this, also.

Do you want me to "detail" Tyler's memorial site for you, dear?

With only memories left of our sons.......

01-07-2012 2:50 AM -- By: mom,  From: Home  


This is not getting any different...I really don't know what to call it because it just is what it is....My heart contiues to break...you would think by now it would be in pieces...at least I know I have wished that many times that it would just completely fall to pieces....missing you is the hardest thing I have ever had to do...I went through natural childbirth to have you but compared to the pain and hurt I have now natural childbirth was a breeze!!

There is not a moment in the day when you are not on my mind...this life without you just is not the same...there is no pleasure just pain!!

I love you around the whole entire universe and back again, always and forever!!

love you the most!!


12-30-2011 4:16 PM -- By: Tom Hagen,  From: Mn.  

Sorry about that, I found Tyler on Teen page 1 which I updated today. Bless be Tyler's memory, never to be forgotten. 


12-30-2011 2:37 PM -- By: Tom Hagen,  From: Minnesota  

thank you for visiting Steven's memorial. I checked teen1-5 & could not find Tyler's heart memorial. So with your permission I will make his and post it there with a yellow ribbon. Also would like to tell people that visit Steven about your ' If you could only imagine' story and to visit his site. It hits home, even if I am not related to Steven, he is still very special to me. (You claim that the material on Tyler's memorial is copyrighted but it is still open for anyone to save as a document, contact VM support to see if you can fully protect what you have here.) I have been to other sites that have added sucurity to their site that makes it sucure. Hope this has helped somewhat.


12-30-2011 12:20 AM -- By: ,  From: fla  

happy holidays and thank you soooo much for your visit with my mom, maria and angelbaby, skye harrison! happy new year!


12-28-2011 2:28 PM -- By: Lori,  From: New York  

Robin, thank you for the sweet Christmas message. Just went through your sons pages. Beautiful. I'm soo sorry for your loss. You did a great thing with the Sonshine foundation.. God Bless.

12-27-2011 6:25 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Dear Robin
Thank you so much for signing Brian’s Guest book.Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of year. We know how difficult it can be. Wishing you  peace and joy throughout the coming year.
Neil & Joy

12-26-2011 11:13 AM -- By: Kay Hughey (Mom of Kevin),  From: North Carolina  

Tyler I think of you often, even though we never met. Your mother and I now have so very much in common. If you could swing it a hug from you even if only in a dream is far better than none at all. You might mention that to Kevin.

The world would be better if you'd both have stayed...

Peace and Blue Skies,



12-26-2011 8:45 AM -- By: Patricia,  From: Canada  

My prayers are with you. Grief always seems to show its ugly head. Escpecially when we think we are doing okey. Holidays are the most difficult as Mothers. Only a Mother know the pain and the emptines inside. 

My prayers are with you, I believe our sons are looking down on us and know how we miss and love them forever. I know my son John would want me to be happy again and not be sad that he is not here. Sometimes I can see him smiling and laughing. I am sure our son Tyler is doing the same.

Blessings Patricia


12-26-2011 2:35 AM -- By: Ann Woodly,  From: Georgia  

Be present with your mother Tyler. Let her feel your angle spirit near on this Christmas day so that she knows you're there. She loves and misses you so. Godspeed dear one.

12-26-2011 1:21 AM -- By: Debbie Polidora,  From: New York  

 Dear Tyler,

Merry Christmas in heaven.  Your mom misses you more than you could ever know. I hope you are celebrating with all of our angels today.  Love and hugs,

Debbie, Mom to ^i^Joey (10/31/81--6/20/08),

Lorin, Mike, & Greg


12-26-2011 1:16 AM -- By: Vivian ,  From:  

Hope you and Nathan throw some kissess down to your mom and me. Could use a few. Miss ya

12-25-2011 9:29 PM -- By: Trudy Beach,  From: Louisiana  

Tyler continue to spead your wings offering comfort to your mom.  May your light guide her and offer her peace.

12-25-2011 8:01 PM -- By: Jessica's Dad,  From: Hagerstown, Maryland  

 I am sorry for the loss of your wonderful Tyler. You have made a beautiful memorial for him.

12-25-2011 6:39 PM -- By: Natalie Barnett,  From: Broken Arrow, OK  

You'll never be forgotten Tyler. You are loved and missed but your presence has not left. Your send messages in various ways and keep your hope alive in friends and family, they will inspire the world in your honor as they pass your legacy forward.

12-25-2011 5:59 PM -- By: Marlena Patricks mommy,  From: santa maria ca  

 Thank you for stopping by this time of year is always hard...thinking of you and your handsome Tyler..

12-25-2011 5:41 PM -- By: Marie Struthers,  From: Canada  

 Thinking of you, Tyler's mom. I have also lost a child to suicide.

12-25-2011 3:44 PM -- By: Linda Lafferty,  From: CA  

 Dear Robin,

Thank you for your kind thoughts. I think we mothers think of each other more often than one might expect. Nothing is the same without our boys. We go on because we have no other choice.

This year has not been a good year. I will be happy when it is over. Mark's dad had a fatal heart attack in May, causing even more pain with the holidays. I miss them both so much.

Your "sonshine" is such a handsome boy. I know they are all celebrating together in Heaven today.

May 2012 bring you all that you wish for.

Love, Linda

12-25-2011 2:44 PM -- By: Debbie Scott,  From: Tulsa  

Tyler, please put your arms around your Mom, hold and guide her, especially during the holidays. She loves and misses you more than you can ever know.

12-25-2011 2:30 PM -- By: erica walner,  From:  

Tyler you'd be so proud of your mom and her work. She loves you very much!

12-25-2011 1:48 PM -- By: Robin, Tyler,  From: Home  


It is so very hard to not have you here...some days just seems so unbearable...some days I still think you will come walking in the front door!!  I know you are having a wonderful day in Heaven...just give me a sign is all I ask!!

Love you around the whole entire universe and back again always and forever!!


10-03-2011 2:06 AM -- By: ,  From: fla  

blessings to your sweet angel always... it is a difficult journey that we must travel together!

09-12-2011 9:23 PM -- By: mom,  From: Home  

The days are beginning to change...the weather has been so unusual this summer...however, it has been so totally strange to me since you left me...my heart breaks to think I will never hear your sweet voice again...I miss you so much sonshine!!

Love you around the entire universe and back again, always and forever!!

03-30-2011 12:33 AM -- By: Robin, Tyler,  From: Home  

Hey sonshine

3 years without you and the pain is still so unbearable!!  I just can't believe that I will never see your smile, hear your voice or feel your strong arms around me...Talking with one of my friends today I told her it is as if the pain is oozing from my heart with every beat that it takes it will only stop when my heart decides it is time for me to be with you again!  you were my everything you were the reason I got up every morning...you will always by my sonshine my guiding light...you are my one and only!!

There is not a second in the day where you are not in my heart or thoughts. This world without you is just so unbearable....

I love you around the whole entire universe and back again, always and forever...until we are together I will never be whole again!!

Miss you more than any word could ever describe!!


03-29-2011 5:25 PM -- By: Myra,  From:  

Robin, may Tyler whisper sweet memories and words of comfort in the breeze of the wind today. Thinking of you today


03-29-2011 9:51 AM -- By: Jean,  From: Stephanies Mom Forever  

Dear Robin and Beautiful Angel Tyler, I just want you to know that I am thinking of both of you today and holding you close to my heart. Always know sweet Tyler, that you are so loved and so missed. Please let your beautiful Mom know that you are still hear.

Jean.......for always and forever, Stephanie's mom

03-19-2011 2:53 AM -- By: ,  From: fla.  

Happy upcoming angel day angelversary to you...

03-19-2011 2:51 AM -- By: ,  From: fla.  

I'm so sorry for your loss... rest well angel tyler!


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