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Memorial created 03-22-2009 by
Robin Hudson
Tyler Hudson
January 22 1990 - March 29 2008

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03-04-2011 9:14 AM -- By: Tom Hagen,  From: Mn.  


Just to let you know that Mareesa died on 3-1-11, now she is forever with her son Steven at their happy place. Bless be their memory

02-24-2011 11:46 PM -- By: Curtis,  From:  

02-24-2011 8:51 PM -- By: Tammy Burke,  From: Reidsville.GA  


What a awesome tribute to your son,he is so handsome,know how proud you are to be his Mom,Talk to your Mom all the time,wonderful woman.She loves you so much.Know you are in my heart and thoughts always,Tyler will never be forgotten.We will make sure of that.You are in my heart and thoughts always.          &nb sp;  

Much Love Always

Tammy Bobby's Mom


02-24-2011 12:38 PM -- By: Martha,  From: Ian's Mom  

02-08-2011 9:27 AM -- By: Alaine Dougherty,  From: Bethlehem PA  

 hi robin...what an awesome tribrute to your son...one i am sure you would rather not have had to do...my husband died very suddenly a year and a half ago. we were together for 36 years. i am learning as much as i can about grief...it is all so overwhelming. i am grateful to have found your site. i am so sorry about tyler.

02-03-2011 10:34 PM -- By: Ann Woodly,  From: Atlanta, GA  

I've met your mother Tyler. I know how much you are loved. I hope you are dreaming.

01-31-2011 9:13 PM -- By: Terry,  From: san juan capistrano  

Thanks again Robin;Hang in there,I know b-days and holidays are some of the most difficult times,memories etc.with our precious sons.Remember that they want us to go forward and TRY,to be happy...!!   from Ty's Mom

01-25-2011 7:52 PM -- By: Becky ,  From:  

Thank you, Robin, for letting me share Tyler's 21st birthday.  He is blessed with a wonderful Mama.  Godspeed, Becky

01-25-2011 1:39 AM -- By: Vivian ,  From:  

I was just visiting Tyler. Late happy birthday Tyler. Robin,I love you.

01-24-2011 10:09 PM -- By: Terry,  From: orange county  

Dear Robin,and Tylers loved ones;God Bless You!Thankyou for writting on my sons memorial site!We will always have an empty void in our heart,where they filled.Tyson and Tyler had a lot in common,mostly they had a tender heart and were to good for this world!!

01-22-2011 7:43 PM -- By: Carol,  From: Hell on Earth with you!!!  

Only you and I would get this sick humor.  Just know that I am with you even though I can't physically be there.  You really don't need me though, because Tyler will always be right there beside you.  He is most definitely a part of you forever.  Love you!  Carol

01-22-2011 7:11 PM -- By: Alan,  From: Left Behind  


On what would have been Tyler's 21st birthday; I wanted to leave another comment into his guestbook. I last wrote here on his 20th.

This is what would have been his "special" birthday. The 21st.......I made a page for Crawford on his memorial site for what would have been his 21st. The 21st birthday for anyone is a special one. One that legalizes you to possess and consume alcohol. I always wanted to go out with my son and have a "legal" drink and celebrate with him. Now, this year, he would have been turning 23.

A special day that has been missed. A special person missing his 21st birthday. One that will never happen. So sad and heartbreaking.......

Helping to keep Tyler's memory alive.......From one parent to another that has lost their precious son.....

With only memories left of our boys.......


01-22-2011 5:53 PM -- By: Jean,  From: Stephanies Mom Forever  

Dear Robin,

Thank you so very much for signing Stephanie's guestbook. I also miss talking with you so much. I am going to email you soon. You and your beautiful Tyler are in my thoughts and in my heart always. I still find it hard to believe Robin, that our children are not here.

Love to you always.......Jean


01-22-2011 3:58 PM -- By: Rocco,  From: Tulsa  

Happy birthday Tyler. Truly an angel on earth...

Robin...you are to be admired for your courage and strength. May peace be with you.

01-22-2011 3:30 PM -- By: Myra,  From:  

Happy Birthday Tyler. Be near your mom for comfort today.

01-22-2011 3:22 PM -- By: Kim Gentry,  From: Indiana  

Happy Birthday Tyler!  Hugs to you Robin....thought was really neat about him waking you to tell you he couldn't sleep because he lied to you....how precious!  And a 6th grader!  I know how much he is missed.  Love, hugs and prayers.  Kim - Logan's Mom

01-22-2011 3:13 PM -- By: Pam Hellewell,  From: Syracuse, UT  

Happy Birthday Tyler!

01-22-2011 3:12 PM -- By: Lisa Cable Mom of Kevin,  From: Peculiar, MO  

Robin,  You are in my thoughts today on Tyler's birthday.  I can not even begin to imagine not having any children left.  Having your only child leave you behind on this earth.

As I looked at pictures of Tyler, I seen something he had in common with my Kevin, you can see a point in their lives when their happiness disappeared, it was no longer in their eyes.   :(

I wish for Tylers birthday is that the day, the week, passees peacefully for you and that he gives you a sign.  Watch for the smallest of things that would be him.

01-22-2011 2:43 PM -- By: Melanie Anderegg,  From:  

May God bless those who suffered here on Earth.

01-22-2011 2:20 PM -- By: Pawka,  From: Grove  

Happy Birthday my sweet grandson.  Missing you so much. Thank you for the Lily blooming today, I know you sent it to us. I feel you with me all the time.  You are our sonshine forever.

Hugs and Love you  Pawka

01-22-2011 2:05 PM -- By: Debbie Scott,  From:  

I never knew Tyler, but in knowing his Mother, I feel as though he is familiar. God bless you, Tyler, and your dear Mom. Remain a presence in her life to encourage her when she finds moving forward difficult.

01-22-2011 1:29 PM -- By: Fran, Justins Mom,  From: Kentucky  

What a beautiful tribute to Tyler.  Another soul to tender for this world we live in.  Happy Birthday in heaven Tyler.  Surround your Mom and Pawka with your beautiful Spirit today.

01-22-2011 1:02 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Anniversaries are sooooo tough.  There are "no words" that make this easier, but know I am remembering you Robin, on this day.  Blessings, dJ 1-22-2011

01-22-2011 10:16 AM -- By: mom,  From: Home  

Oh sonshine....today was the happiest day of my life....and now the pain of not having you here is almost too hard to handle!!  I miss you with every single breath I take...there is not a second in my day that you are not on my mind!!  I hope that your 21st birthday in heaven is a wonderful event...I just wish that you were here so that we could be in Vegas like we always had planned!!  I know that you are here with me...wishing that you could give me a big hug...what I wouldn't give to hear you say I love you mom and to feel those strong arms around me giving me a great big bear hug!!

I love you around the whole entire universe and back again...always and forever...you will always be the light of my life!!

Miss you more than words could ever say!!

love you,


01-14-2011 12:48 PM -- By: Diane Dillon,  From: Colfax, NC  

Dear Robin,

I have just gotten back from the cemetery.  It has been two years for us this weekend. . .two years without our precious son.  I am drowning in sadness. 

I am so sorry for your loss.  Your son is so handsome and so special.  I love his hair.  (My son has great hair.)

I read all you have written about Tyler.  What a truly terrific son.   I am so sorry that you understand my sadness.


Philps Mamma

Diane Dillon cdd3y@yahoo.com

12-25-2010 7:32 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Dear Robin
Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of year. We know how difficult it can be. Wishing you  peace and joy this Christmas and throughout the coming year.
Neil & Joy


12-15-2010 12:24 PM -- By: Jean,  From: Forever Stephanies Mom  

My Sweet Friend Robin,

I want to take this time of year to thank all of my family here on Virtual Memorials for the help and support each of you has extended to me and my beautiful daughter, Stephanie. My wish for each of you is a peaceful Christmas and the coming year filled with new hope and joy. I know each of us will always remember the gift of love and laughter that our loved ones gave to us. I wish also, that we take the time to look for the small things that they have left for us, to remind us that they are still here, still a wonderful part of our lives.

Merry Christmas my dear friends,

Jean………….for always and forever, Stephanie’s Mom

PS Robin, I tried signing Tylers Guestbook a few months ago. I am not sure you received it as I added my new address, and I think maybe it was blocked. But please know always, I think of you and Tyler so much, you were one of the first I met on POS. My heart and my prayers are with you everyday. Love to you and Tyler.......Jean< /i>


11-16-2010 12:50 AM -- By: vivian,  From:  

robin, this is a wonderful memorial to tyler!  thinking of you -- vivian

11-05-2010 6:39 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Texas  

thinking of you with love today

09-23-2010 7:22 AM -- By: ,  From:  

We came upon Tyler’s memorial and we are so sorry for your loss. He seems like a wonderful young man with so much to offer. We understand the pain that your loss has brought you.  We shall keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.


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