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Memorial created 03-22-2009 by
Robin Hudson
Tyler Hudson
January 22 1990 - March 29 2008

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09-18-2010 7:31 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Texas  

Tyler you and your family and in my thoughts and prayers.  I know the sights that you and Cody are seeing is beyond anything we could even imagine her on earth. 

09-07-2010 4:52 PM -- By: Rachel Johansson,  From: Montreal, Canada  

Please accept my deepest sympaty to you and your family. I know that words are of no comfort at this time, but know that you are all in my family's thoughts and prayers.

09-03-2010 9:06 AM -- By: Alex Mommy Mindy,  From: Kerman Ca  

I wish there were words to tel you to help you sooth your aching heart.. Please know that you are loved by all VM members and together we carry a heavy burden together... May God Bless You

09-02-2010 9:39 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Texas  

With what a deep devotedness of woe
I wept thy absence - o'er and o'er again
Thinking of thee, still thee, till thought grew pain,
And memory, like a drop that, night and day,
Falls cold and ceaseless, wore my heart away!
~Thomas Moore

09-01-2010 3:22 PM -- By: Tina K,  From: Indiana  

What a beautiful angel!!!

09-01-2010 11:33 AM -- By: Annette Kelley,  From: Michigan  

How beautiful Robin!!!!!!!

Like soooo many tmes before I am crying with you

There is an ache within my heart that will never go away

Lots of Love Annette -

Janine's Mama  01-18-81  -- 04-11-08

08-30-2010 11:34 PM -- By: Kim,  From: California  

I just had a good cry viewing your beautiful son's memorial. He was so intelligent and kind, all the traits a parent is so proud of.  Tyler reminds me of my precious Evan, I miss him every day, (I am also a member of SOC). May Tyler's eternal love surround you and bring you comfort and peace.

08-30-2010 9:04 PM -- By: Dede Redifer,  From: Tulsa  

I know your pain mother. I am trying to go on with life myself, nothing fills the void. I too can't wait until I join my son again.

08-30-2010 11:14 AM -- By: Linda, Mom of Raymond,  From: POS  

Wow, What a Beautiful Tribute to your son Tyler. I really teared up going through this website. He was such a handsome, bright young man. I am so sorry for your loss. I'm right with you though.

Your Friend Always,

Linda, Mom of Raymond

08-29-2010 11:42 PM -- By: Bill Whaley,  From: Claremore  

I don't know what to say. My heart aches as I look over this memorial. What a deep loss you have had. My mother, who had to bury 2 children, willed herself to die early when she got cancer. She always said, "I'm going to lie down with my babies." She does. My oldest son is named after Michael, my kid brother. He died after a car wreck when he was 6. Sister Michelle died at birth. Nothing hurts worse than burying a child. And nothing I might say can make it better. Just know I care. like many, many others.

08-29-2010 10:24 PM -- By: Erna Gay Wells - Craig's Mom,  From: Morehead, KY  

What a beautiful tribute to such a fine young man, my heart has been touched.

Erna Gay- Craig's Mom

08-29-2010 8:50 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Texas  

thinking of you today

08-29-2010 6:14 PM -- By: Jean Salem,  From: Omaha Nebraska  

Robin, I read every page of your memorial. You did a beautiful job of honoring your son. God bless you and your husband and especially your sonshine Tyler. Jean, mom of Jay (pos)

08-29-2010 5:09 PM -- By: Pat Harkins,  From: POS  

Dear Robin,

what a beautiful tribute you've made for Tyler!  Reading the poems and letters made the tears flow, with no way to stop them.  You said many things I feel inside, but haven't tried to put into words.  Your angel Tyler sounds like he was an amazing young man!

Much love,

Pat- Alex's mom (POS)

08-29-2010 3:10 PM -- By: Deb Kotzea,  From: South Dakota  

08-29-2010 2:53 PM -- By: Aunt Barb,  From: Bixby  

08-29-2010 1:53 PM -- By: Carol Loehr,  From: Maine  

I just read the virtual Memorial for Tyler and I was surprised to read that Tyler lost his battle on the same day as my son March 29.  I wanted you to know about my website, Thegiftofkeith.org.

Please know I am always here for you if you want to write. I have been on this journey a lot longer than you and your pain is so raw. Gentle Hugs, Carol

08-29-2010 1:48 PM -- By: Donna (foreverjasonsmom),  From: Winter Springs, FL  

Robin.....You have such a handsome son with a heart of gold.  He reminds me so much of my Jason, he always wanted to help others because he couldn't help himself.  They now soar in peace and we will see them again when our time comes.  I loved the exercise "If only you could imagine"....It truly speaks for the way our lives have become.  Love and Peace to you, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Donna (foreverjasonsmom) SOC/POS

08-29-2010 11:01 AM -- By: Rita Applegate,  From: Colorado (POS)  

Words cannot express the pain of  losing Tyler. Just know  that that you are in my thoughts and prayers......another beautiful child gone to soon....

08-29-2010 9:08 AM -- By: Vikki, Mom to Lance,  From: Ohio  


   You will forever be loved and missed by your friends and family. I hope that you have finally found peace in heaven's hands.

   Vikki, Mom to Lance

   3/9/79 to 10/26/06



08-29-2010 6:27 AM -- By: ,  From: Chillingham Australia  

Thankyou Robin

Our sons were too beautiful for this world.

Your tribute is so touching, you are in my prayers also.


08-29-2010 5:15 AM -- By: douglas J,  From: Spring Hill, Tennessee  

Robin, You have done a lot of nice work here - to tell Tyler's story.

I have not been able to do this - maybe someday.

lvya, dJ

08-28-2010 10:47 PM -- By: Patty J Allen's Mom,  From: Indiana  


Tyler's memorial will keep his memory alive for all that visit.

I am keeping you in my prayers and holding you  so close to my heart as we continue our journey down this long and winding road.

08-28-2010 9:32 PM -- By: Fran Justin's Mom,  From: Kentucky  


Tyler was a Beautiful Soul and now a Beautiful angel who looks just like his Mom.

08-28-2010 4:59 AM -- By: mom,  From: Home  

Oh sonshine...

It is so dark without you here!!  I miss your bright light to help guide me along!!  My heart so yearns to be able to hold you close...you always had a beautiful soul!!

It is so hard for me to come here and write on this page...it is so much easier to do that on facebook or myspace...to think you have a memorial is still just so hard to believe...

I love you around the whole entire universe and back again, always and forever...you will always be my baby bear!


08-17-2010 4:06 AM -- By: Davids Mum,  From: Glasgow UK  


First of all let me say thankyou so much for visiting David Memorial it means a lot to our family.

I am absolutely amazed that in the "if only you could imagine" section, you managed to put the feelings i have had over the past 9 months into exact words, probably feeling i couldnt put into words myself.  With your permission i would like to use these words on Davids site.

May i also say that Tyler is a very handsome young man and i hope more than you know that all our children are together and are at peace.

I know words dont always make a difference but i am here if you need a friend.

Lots of love

Susan (Davids Mum)


susanloganuk@yahoo.co.uk< /p>

08-16-2010 10:27 PM -- By: Amy's mom,  From:  

Dear Robin,

Thank you so much for thinking of our family and our beautiful Amy on her birthday.  Yes these days we used to look forward to now come with fear of not knowing how we will feel or what the day will hold for us.  Your words of your imagine poem says all the emotions we have all shared.  All the beautiful people I have met on this site have been such a blessing to know that our children are continuing to touch lives and make the world better as your beautiful Tyler and my beloved Amy had hoped to do and that means so very much to us.  Thank you again.  Peace and Love

08-15-2010 10:38 PM -- By: Linda,  From: CA  

 Thank you Robin. It has been a little more than 2 years for us. While it has gotten a little easier, I still yearn to see Mark, as I am sure you do for Tyler. Your Tyler was so young. Mark was 42, but he was still my boy. While I am thankful for the 42 wonderful years, I wanted more.

Hugs to you and your family.



06-21-2010 1:43 AM -- By: Lorie,  From: Va  


I just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers.  And your post "if you could only imagine" was so perfect.  I lost my son Hunter of an accidental drug overdose, and I feel that---how do you describe it?---void, that look you get when you still talk about your child because you don't want anyone to forget them.  The words you spoke of, "you should be over it or your just causing yourself more pain", could there be more pain than losing your child?  Im not the same as I was, just as you, just as all of us who have experienced this. 

05-20-2010 5:19 PM -- By: Athena,  From:  

Just stopped by to say HI to you Robin and Angel Tyler thinking of you both {{{{HUGS}}}} Robin I hope that you are well

Missed and loved forever,



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